The Core Led Women Podcast with Kelly Swingler

The Core Led Women Podcast with Kelly Swingler

Hosted by: kellyswingler

After my burnout in 2013 I realised that in order to prevent it from happening again, I needed to get back to my core. The Core Led Women podcast explores topics, tools and themes to help you get back to who you are...


Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You

Episode #35

Welcome to today's episode of the Core-led Women Podcast.  Today is all about how women dull their real selves and don't say what they want to say, in order to fit the mould. I talk about my journey through corporate...
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Respect Your Boundaries And Others Will Too

Episode #34

Welcome back to the Core-Led Women Podcast with me Kelly Swingler. Today's episode is all about boundaries and how to get others to respect them too. Boundaries are more than just saying no! Whilst saying no is a part...
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Managing My Energy

Episode #32

Welcome back to the Core-Led Women Podcast.  On today's episode join me as I talk about how I manage my energy rather than trying to manage my time. So what can we do to manage our energy?
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What’s Your Definition of Success?

Episode #29

Welcome back and on today's episode I ask you; what’s your definition of success? With my Power Up event in London taking place tomorrow (29th June), I talk to you about what I have learnt over the last year whilst...
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BONUS EPISODE with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Episode #33

In this bonus episode of the Core-Led Women Podcast I am joined by a very special guest Denise Duffield-Thomas. In this episode we talk about: Replacing 'but' with 'and' The importance of boundaries Why it's important...
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Mind The Gap

Episode #28

Mind the gap is the title of my next book and is now available on pre-order.  This book is the most difficult one I’ve written to date and will be my 5th book which is released on the 13th July. In today's episode of...
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One For The Introverts

Episode #27

Welcome back to the Core-led Women's Podcast, on this episode I talk all about being an introvert, managing my energy, and how introverts CAN be successful in business and a leader at work. 
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Periods, Pregnancy and Judgment - BONUS episode

Episode #31

In this BONUS episode of the Core-Led Women's podcast I talk about: Why we need to stop judging women Why parts of my HR role were detrimental to the health and wellbeing of women Why period leave is a good thing Why...
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Programmed for Success - BONUS Episode

Episode #30

In this BONUS episode I'm talking about: Why being told to be less contributed to Burnout What led me to create Programmed for Success And why I wish Programmed for Success has been gifted to me to help with the leap...
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My Success, My Way

Episode #26

On today's episode I'm talking about success. My success, my way! Your success, your way.    Success comes in all shapes and sizes and is personal to each of us. I want to help you create your success, your way. Have...
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What Happens When Women Speak Up?

Episode #25

Welcome back to the Core-Led Women Podcast, I've got an extra episode for you. On today's episode, I'm talking all about Davina McCall's new documentary about the menopause and how that impacts women's lives, but also...
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On Your Bike

Episode #24

This week in the core-led women’s podcast is ‘on your bike’! Intrigued? Take a listen here. Let me know what you think.
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